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Access Control

QTAR Access Systems can be provided as:

Access Control
  • Stand-alone, centrally administered systems

  • Stand-alone systems with individual doors administered independently (i.e. without a central system)

  • Integrated with other QTAR applications, such as Time & Attendance Management.

  • Providing integrated systems is our specialty, so our clients receive the best value for their investment, and are able to use the same equipment, badges and data for multiple purposes. Our systems can also be customised to meet unusual needs.

    Restricting Access to a person's Normal Working Hours

    If required, the QTAR system can provide sophisticated levels of access restriction, including combinations involving people, time and day - such as restricting access for a group of people to their normal working hours, excluding bank holidays.

    Access Monitoring

    Attempted violations of the system (door forced, door left open, window opened, etc) may raise an alarm and are logged. Optionally, all accesses to secure areas can be recorded.

    Egress buttons may be used to exit a restricted area (rather than using a reader), but in this case there can be no record of who has left the area.

    Emergency Presence Listing

    A listing of all people currently recorded as being present on site can be produced automatically (e.g. triggered by a fire alarm) at a suitable location.

    Access Control Hardware

    QTAR systems can be used with a wide variety of reader types (including biometric readers) to operate almost any type of access control equipment.

    Access Control Systems can control almost any type of Access Control equipment used to restrict personnel or vehicular access, including:

    • Locks

    • Internal doors

    • External doors

    • Turnstiles

    • Gates

    • Car-park barriers

    In addition to the traditional means of controlling vehicular access with a hand-held swipe card or proximity card, automatic operation of a barrier or gate can be provided for vehicles with activation at a distance of 6 to 8 feet between the vehicle and the reader (which may be as far in front of the barrier or gate as required for optimum operation).

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