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Computer Clocks

maintaining the accuracy of the time on your computers

Why is it important?

  • If the time displayed at clocking on/off points differs from the actual time, in whose favour do employee's seem to err?

  • Has anyone in your company ever set the time (or date) manually incorrectly so incorrectly that it was wrong by an hour, or even by 12 hours?

Time wasting by staff, fiascos and extra work all cost money and unsettle your staff.

It is therefore important that the time used by QTAR systems should always be correct.

To help ensure this, we supply:

  • Radio-Controlled Clocks for File Servers and individual computers:

  • Windows (95/98/Me/Nt/2000/XP)

  • Novell

  • DOS

  • VMS

  • Unix

  • Time Synchroniser Units (to connect a Master Clock* to a computer running QTAR)

* Note: Client's existing Master Clocks can be used in most cases.

And of course, you need to make sure your staff know the right time too.

Please contact P & Q Sales for further information.


If you need NTP Time Server soloutions then see the links below to try one of Galleons NTP Servers for accurate time synchronisation

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  • Time server
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