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Flex Time

Flex time working, properly controlled to meet company needs, can be a great advantage to staff morale, and recruitment. However, the time and trouble needed to record and control flex time manually can offset the advantages. The QTAR Flex time System overcomes these problems, and allows the full benefits of flex time working to be realised.


The QTAR system records employees' clockings, and uses the rules specified by the company to determine the amount of flex time worked relative to standard and thus the flex time balance built up or used in advance. If desired, the current flex time balance can be displayed at the badge reader, on request or when the employee clocks on or off, giving the employee immediate access to this their flex time balance.


Although the times actually clocked by an employee cannot be altered, the flexible hours to be counted for a particular day can be adjusted manually, if required. Such adjustments can be automated in the case of absences, such as sickness, holidays, or on business. Automatic adjustments can also be made if the flexible balance (positive or negative) becomes excessive. Separate rules can be applied to different periods of time (e.g. different daily, weekly and monthly rules could be set up), and the rules can be different for different individuals or groups of employees.

Mixed Systems

As well as handling a mix of hourly paid and flex time staff to be handled as easily as a "pure" system of either type, QTAR can handle automatically the calculations necessary for hourly paid employees who build up "banked time" and take "time off in lieu" instead of being paid overtime. Indeed, time can be swapped between overtime and flex time, even after the event, without upsetting the system.

Complete System

The QTAR Flexi time System, through the use of bar coded or magnetic stripe badges and badge readers, eliminates the need for manual records and calculations. A comprehensive set of management and exception reports is provided, and the production of these at suitable times can be automated. The attendance data and payroll exceptions can, if desired, be transferred to a personnel or payroll system.

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QTAR - Time and attendance solutions