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ISO 9000 Quality assurance

We take the issue of the quality of software and services very seriously. To this end, we worked towards and gained ISO 9001 accreditation in September 1998.

In brief, Procedures and Working Instructions which had been in use for many years (and steadily improved during that time) were updated and ultimately incorporated into or referenced by Quality Assurance and Quality Procedure Manuals produced in conjunction with our external quality auditors, Quality Management Systems International plc, who carry out an audit each year.

Serious deficiencies (including important shortcomings relating to a hardware supplier) and the rare client complaint are escalated to Director level as soon as they are highlighted and action is taken both to resolve the problem and to improve working practices to prevent a reoccurrence.

We are always happy to discuss the matter of quality with existing or prospective clients and any constructive comments are gratefully received.

QTAR - Time and attendance solutions