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Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)

Shop Floor Data Collection

There is a multitude of ways in which a QTAR Data Collection System can be used.

Some examples of the various options and some points to be considered are set out under the headings of the different QTAR options available, but it is usual to combine two or more of the options to achieve the required functionality. The price for the standard QTAR Data Collection System includes any two of the options, and further options may be selected.

It is also quite common to include QTAR Time and Attendance, Flexi time and/or Access Control and Monitoring options as well.

Labour Costing

Labour costing is typically used for keeping track of work done by each employee.

Job Costing/Job Booking and Job Tracking/Work-in-Progress

Job Costing is typically used for keeping track of important elements of the cost of individual jobs being processed.

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