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Who are P & Q

P & Q was initially formed in 1979 as a Software House (P & Q Associates Ltd) providing consultancy and development services to large companies in U.K. and overseas.

Recognising the need for a powerful and comprehensive data collection package, we designed and developed the QTAR System during 1984. At first, QTAR was the first Time & Attendance Recording package available for microcomputers, but other applications and platforms soon followed.

The success of the QTAR package led to a steady expansion within P & Q Associates and to the opening of an associate company in New Zealand (BCS Systems). The company name was therefore changed to P & Q International Ltd in 1990, and to P & Q International plc in 1994, though P & Q is still privately owned.

Over the years, we have maintained our technical lead in this field by steadily developing and enhancing QTAR to meet changing business needs and technology, and we now provide a range of complementary services, packages and options.

After nearly 18 years at the same location in the countryside near Ware, in December 2000 P & Q moved a few miles north to new premises on the edge of Braughing, Hertfordshire, from where we have easy access to the rest of U.K. and Europe.

QTAR - Time and attendance solutions